durability, endurance, ecology ...

A wooden prefabricated house, thanks to its stable construction, can serve several generations. Modern technology and high precision of workmanship allow to build a house that is environmentally friendly and durable.

guaranteed quality of ecohouse houses

At Ecohouse we are sure of our products and we guarantee their highest quality. All elements of the prefabricated houses are made and assembled in a professional hall, and then transported to the construction site by our team.

European certifications
+ guarantee of quality

Our houses are a guarantee of the highest quality and reliability. Our professionalism is confirmed by the European Kiwa and Ral certificates awarded by independent entities.


The safety of construction is ensured by our experience and quality materials used in prefabrication of houses. Obtained RAL and KIWA certificates prove the best quality of our investments.

the best materials

The product from which it is made determines the quality of the house and its stability. During the production of our prefabricated houses, we use construction wood of the best quality, which is supplied from Germany.

multi-family houses

Prefabrication technology means unlimited possibilities. We are not afraid of bigger projects! A multi-family house will be built as quickly and professionally as a single-family house.

any questions?

Would you like to talk about our technology? Contact us and take advantage of our experience.

client service

If you have a question about the prefabrication technology, please contact us.

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